Sono is not responsible for customer dissatisfaction due to misuse of our products. “Misuse” entails any handling, application, modification, or other use outside of the norms and parameters intended for our products. Likewise, we are not liable for any damage or injury inflicted to the customer or their hair due to misuse of our products. All customers agree to use Sono products at their own risk. We provide ample support materials to guide you in your use of Sono products, including web pages, social media profiles, tutorial videos, and instruction cards. Please refer to these prior to applying your Sono product.

Out of Stock Items

Occasionally, some of our products go out of stock. We are always striving to keep all of our products in stock, but because of the popularity of some items, this is not always possible. If an item is out of stock, it will be reflected on our website.


Sono Hair Extensions is the only purveyor of Sono products, and is its only approved site. We cannot guarantee the quality of “Sono”-labeled items coming from any other site, organization, or individual. We will not be able to accept returns or exchanges of products obtained from any other source than or Sono Hair Extensions Customer Care representatives.

If necessary, we may take legal action against any individuals or entities using Sono’s name, logos, or script taken from its websites or promotional materials.

To obtain the rights to use our logos or names on websites, magazines, or other related materials, please contact us at

Stored Information

Sono gives customers the ability to store credit card, address, and other personal information on our secure servers to expedite the checkout process. We maintain the highest level of security and encryption to keep this information safe. We will not under any circumstances sell, release, or distribute the information you entrust to use while purchasing your products. While Sono provides these security measures, it is the responsibility of the customer to prevent unauthorized access to their account by protecting their login information and signing off when using shared computers.

User Comments, Feedback, and Other Submissions

By posting to our Reviews page, Before & Afters page, Facebook page, YouTube page, Twitter profile, or other social media page or profile managed by Sono Hair Extensions, you grant Sono Hair Extensions the right to use your content for our own purposes, including republication in any form or media.

Sono reserves the right to manage, mediate, or remove any comment or post made on our site or social media platforms, without restriction.

About colors on the Internet

Sono offers multiple resources to aid you in your Sono product color selection, including a color page with color descriptions and a YouTube color comparison video. Keep in mind, though, that color monitors display colors differently depending on size, resolution, brand, etc. You may contact Customer Care with any color-related questions or concerns, but it is not possible for a Customer Care representative to decipher your exact color match based on a verbal description. As such, we cannot guarantee that use of our resources will result in an exact color match. To mitigate these barriers, we provide a small color swatch with each product we ship. You may use this swatch to test the product’s color compatibility without removing the hair from the package. That way, should another color be needed, you can return or exchange the product without issue.