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Sono Stories

Satisfying: a word that isn't quite good enough
to describe our extensions.
We asked our customers for some alternatives.
  • Shipping

    Sono has great quality hair and quick shipping! Try them!
    Meggan Dickson-Grennan - Oregon, Illinois
  • Service

    I will definitely order from this company again, customer service is great and the quality of the hair is amazing!
    Kristen McDonell - Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Best

    Best quality hair that I have used in the longest time! The colors are true to swatch, ship quickly, and customer service when ordering is easy! Thanks Sono for my new favorite clip-ins!!!!
    Juli Valenza - Westfield, New Jersey
  • Fantastic

    I'm not sure what the other people negative reviews are about but I absolutely love my extensions! The quality of the hair is amazing compared to other extensions I have had in the past and they shipped out to me right away!
    Ashley Rocks - Houston, Texas
  • Quality

    I will continue to recommend this company to everyone! The hair is great quality and price. Customer service is so good(which if anyone knows me is a big deal when I'm shopping lol). I will never purchase clip ins anywhere else :)
    Jennifer Hoxworth - Creve Coeur, Illinois
  • Complete

    Thin and short hair is something my 16 year old has struggled with her whole life. Well not anymore thanks to my beautiful cousin that came to the rescue for a school dance with her Sono Halo and showed us how to put it in, her hair looked beautiful. I was very hesitant to buy any hair extension, worried that they would look fake or we would have to dye her hair to match but that wasn't the case. We purchased the clip ins and she loves them, they are so easy to put in and they look great no one even knows. I also want to tell customer service thank you for your swift response to take care of us when we needed to replace them. They really took care of us, she loves her hair and it gives her the full flowing hair she has always wanted. You now have a customer for life!! Thank you
    Katie White - Magna, Utah
  • Natural

    I have classic thick Asian hair, and I was really worried that these extensions would not blend well with my hair. Fortunately, there is so much hair in each package that the final look is pretty natural! All I have to do is add some leave-in conditioner to my tips, then the extensions aren't even noticeable.
    Tomoka - Sacramento, California
  • Easy

    I was reluctant to buy hair extensions because of all the horror stories I've heard with hair breakage and all that, but my friend said Sono was different. And she was right! I am in love with my Sono extensions. They make me feel gorgeous and they're so easy to install.
    Pamela Alton - Ogden, Utah
  • Pretty

    My hair extension is very thick and pretty!! Makes my face look smaller! Very smooth and straight.
    Dani - Miami, Florida
  • Easy

    I used to wear permanent hair extensions a while ago, but stopped doing it because of all the maintenance appointments you have to do to keep them looking good. Too much work! Sono extensions are the complete opposite, though. You can put them in and take them out whenever you want, and it only takes like five minutes. Seriously, it doesn't get much faster than that.
    Crystal - New York, New York
  • Smooth

    The hair is so straight and smooth that there's no doubt that it's real human hair. My only thing is that I have coarse wavy hair, and I need to style the extensions to match and blend them into my hair. Not a problem, though, since it looks really good when I'm done. Great product!
    Hannah - Austin, Texas
  • Incomparable

    I've worn clip-in extensions for a while now, and I have to say that none of them compare to my new Sono extensions. I was surprised by how thick and full the extensions seemed when I first took them out, and there were no gaps or stringy pieces when I put them in my hair. They make my hair look long and full!!! I'm so happy!!!!
    Stephanie - Columbus, Ohio
  • Sweet!

    I got my Sonos as a gift, and I couldn't love them more! The color is so shiny and rich, and it matches perfectly with my hair. Definately the best gift I've ever gotten.
    Angela Sutherland - Bloomington, Indiana
  • Special

    Sono clip ins are really something else. They don't slip out like other brands extensions do, and I don't feel uncomfortable when I wear them in my hair for a long time. Thy're special and they make me feel special!
    Sydney - Seattle, Washington
  • Fantastic

    I knew the second that I took these babies out of the package that they were going to last a long, long time. The hair is attached very securely to the fabric, and it all just feels so tailored and smooth. Great quality for the price! A++
    Rebecca - Pleasantville, New York