• I'm new to this. Where do I start?
    Good question. Here at Sono, we have a ton of resources for people looking to learn about removable hair extensions. Try visiting our Quality page to read up on what sets our hair apart from the rest, or check out our product pages to scope out which method may be right for you. While you're at it, watch a couple of tutorial videos, because they're genuine founts of information, and check in to our social media profiles to catch a word or two from our followers. Anywhere you turn, you're sure to find something good.
  • How much hair is in each package?
    Each package of Sono hair extensions contains between 105 and 165 grams of hair, depending on the length and thickness selected. The average amount of hair per package equals 145 grams, enough to rival any head of natural hair!
  • What color should I choose?
    That depends on you, your natural hair color, and the look that you're going for. Selecting the right extension color from a computer screen can be tough. That's why we've created a color selection video, a descriptive color page, and even a color quiz to help you out. We'll also include a sample strand in each package of hair you order, so you can examine the hair, compare it to your own, or even test out dye colors without taking the product out of the box. That means that, if things don't work out, you can still return it! F.Y.I.: if you are coloring your extensions, we recommend that you stay within two shades of the original hair color, only depositing (never lifting!) color.
  • What type of extension should I choose?
    It depends on your preferences, mostly. Since all of our extensions are removable and easy on the hair, your particular hair type or texture won't really affect your experience with the extensions—unless it is exceptionally thin and fine. People with very thin, fine hair who experience discomfort with hair clips or any other pressure applied to the scalp may prefer the Sono Solo, as it rests on the head without pulling on strands. Other individuals can rely solely on their own judgment. Looking for a pop of color or a single accent? Try Sono's accessories. Do you want complete control of your hair's dispersal? Pick Clip-Ins. Are you interested in effortless application? Go Solo. Etcetera. Need some more help? Try this quiz.
  • Will the extensions damage my hair?
    No. Sono's extensions are all designed for repeated, temporary use. That means that they cause relatively little strain to your hair. As long as you install and remove them correctly and carefully, your natural hair should be in tip-top shape, before and after.
  • What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?
    The same things you can do with your own hair, for the most part. You can style your extensions with heating tools (remember to use a heat protectant), creams and serums, and hairspray. As long as you clean and clarify the hair every once in a while to prevent buildup, your extensions should last a long time. Just don't sleep in them, as the friction between your pillow and your hair extensions can cause matting and premature wear.
  • Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?
    Yes! Sono sells a high quality wet brush for this very purpose. And it's affordable! It's a necessity for anyone with extensions because it's gentle on both the extensions and the natural hair. Remember to hold your hair at the roots while brushing in a downward motion, working from the tips to the scalp.
  • Can I color my hair extensions?
    Yes! We recommend using a semi or demi-permanent hair color, depositing color, but never lifting it. Try to keep it within two shades of the hair's original color, and always do a strand test, first. Otherwise you might wind up with an unwelcome surprise.
    Keep in mind, we are unable to refund or replace hair extensions that have been removed from their packaging, colored, or altered in any way. Should you want to test out a color, use the sample strand!
  • How do I wash the extensions, and how frequently should I do it?
    Great question! We've created a video demonstrating just how to go about washing your Sono extensions. You can find it here. But, to paraphrase: wash your Sono extensions in lukewarm water, working the shampoo into the hair with your hands. Avoid getting any product near the weft, where the extensions are sewn together, as this can cause buildup and/or shedding. Apply a professional quality conditioner and allow it to be absorbed into the hair, then rinse with cold, cold water. Lay the hair out on a towel to dry, patting it with a second towel from the tips to the hair closest to the weft. Let the hair air dry while brushing it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. We recommend that you wash your extensions as infrequently as possible, or no more than once a week. The less product you use in your hair, the less you will need to wash it!
  • How should I store the extensions when I'm not using them?
    Sono offers a specialty hanger designed specifically for storing hair extensions. Find it right here. Store hair only when dry, spritzing a good leave-in conditioner beforehand.
  • Where does the hair come from?
    Sono's 100% Human hair comes from India, where women go to temples to donate their hair out of respect for their gods. The temples then sell the hair and use the money to improve their communities, funding orphanages, opening schools, and feeding the hungry. Every woman who donates her hair does so of her own free will.
  • How long will it take for me to get my order?
    Once we receive your order, we get to work right away on packing and making arrangements for your shipment. Even so, we recommend that you place your order at least 4 or 5 business days before your desired delivery date. That way you'll provide sufficient time for the carrier to complete the pickup and delivery process.
    The exact shipping times will depend on which shipping method you choose, when you place your order, and where you live. For more details about shipping, click here.
  • What if I want to return my hair?
    We're sorry things didn't work out between you and your hair extensions. You can return your extensions within 30 days so long as they have not been used and are still in their original packaging, or if the product has been deemed defective by Sono within 30 days of purchase. There is a 15% restocking fee for returns, though exchanges for warehouse credit are free. To start your exchange or return, call customer service at 1-888-236-0552, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.
  • My hair has grown out, and my extensions aren't long enough anymore. Can I exchange them?
    We cannot exchange hair after 30 days of purchase, especially hair that has been used. You're always welcome to purchase a longer set of extensions, but we cannot reimburse, credit, or discount your purchase after 30 days of ownership and use. Keep your eyes open for deals around the site. There are plenty of them, and they may help you save some money on your next set.